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Kidney Transplant Support Foundation

This was established in 2007 as a “Non Profit” Foundation by Ajit F. Perera to help save the lives of Kidney patients 8 out 10 of whom were dying for lack of resources or a related Donor to undergo an Organ Transplant.


"Nothing has given me greater joy than to save a life. I am proud to have saved 12 so far"

Ajit F. Perera

Current State of Kidney Issues in Sri Lanka

The No. of Kidney patients are rapidly rising.

Kidney Transplant Support Foundation

patients suffer from end stage
Renal Failure

Kidney Transplant Support Foundation

Approx. 10%
of the population are effected
by Kidney failure!

Kidney Transplant Support Foundation

Cadaveric Transplants per year

Organisations That We Work With

Be An Organ Donor & Save A Life

Your contribution can make a difference

Every LIVE Donor, is first subjected to a series of tests, not only to match the tissues of the patient, but to ensure that the Donor is 100% healthy. It is not our intention to save a patient at the cost of endangering the life of the Donor. The transplant takes place only thereafter.



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After death donations

Even after death, your Organs matter
After an accident, if a patient placed on a hospital ventilator is declared
“brain dead”, the heart, 2 Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Lungs and Intestines can be harvested.
Natural deaths allow the Eyes & Tissues, etc to be harvested.

A Single death can save upto 8 lives and help 50 other patients to become healthy again.

After Death Donations are currently directed to the Human tissue Bank


Click here to visit the human tissue bank

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