Collaborations (Organizations that we work with)

The following are organizations that we work with and who have helped us towards achieving our goals.


Our Consortium Partner – The National Kidney Foundation of Sri Lanka

(Incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 34 of 2006)

The National Kidney Foundation was launched in 1997 and under the Chairmanship of Dr. A.M.L.Beligaswatte, ably assisted by Secretary Dr. Tilak Abeysekera, was responsible for the construction and donation of the country’s 2 largest Dialysis Units, The Kandy & Anuradhapura Units.

Kandy Unit

Ministry Of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine – Launch of Donor Programme

Founded in 2007, the KTSF entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Health Ministry to develop a National Organ Donor Programme and related activities such as a Cadaveric Transplant Programme etc. This has helped to save the lives of many patients.

For further details please visit the “About Us” page.

The International Federation of Kidney Foundations

KTSF was the 1st ever recipient of the Joel D. Kopple Award named after the Founder of the IFKF. This was awarded “For their innovative development of a critically needed programme in Sri Lanka creating an opportunity for the public to donate kidneys and save lives of patients with End Stage Kidney Disease”.

The Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation

supports us by acting as a liaison between KTSF and the 2 Depts, the National Transport Medical Institute (NTMI) & the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT / RMV).

NTMI– All new applicants for Driving licenses now have an opportunity of having a “Organ Donor” symbol inserted in their licenses, if they grant consent at the time they obtain their Medical certificates.

DMT/RMV– The DMT inserts an “Organ Donor” symbol on all driving licenses where the applicant has granted consent. As at todate approx. 35,000 licenses have been inserted with the Donor Symbol, with more being added each day.


An Announcement being made to all Applicants waiting at the RMV Werahera office to obtain their Driving Licenses.


Sri Lanka Police

The Police supports the programme by checking Driving licenses (DLs) and notifying hospitals of potential Donors among accident victims when the DL carries an Organ Donor symbol.

This has been done with the blessings of the IGP & his DIG – Traffic. Please see the Circulars issued by the DIG, sent to ALL Police stations, and Officers across the country.

Mobitel, Dialog & Etisalat

To create awareness in the country about being an Organ Donors, we have, with the blessings of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRCSL) , obtained the support of these Mobile Operators to conduct an SMS campaign to their subscribers requesting them to be Organ Donors.

Human Tissue Bank

Being the primary Institution facilitating Organ Donations AFTER death, all those who wish to donate after death, are directed to the Human Tissue Bank. They will collect the body, harvest whatever Organs are possible and return same to the families for their last rites. Please visit their Websites for more details : or

Be An Organ Donor & Save A Life

Your contribution can make a difference

Every LIVE Donor, is first subjected to a series of tests, not only to match the tissues of the patient, but to ensure that the Donor is 100% healthy. It is not our intention to save a patient at the cost of endangering the life of the Donor. The transplant takes place only thereafter.



you will be directed to the full donation form

After death donations

Even after death, your Organs matter
After an accident, if a patient placed on a hospital ventilator is declared
“brain dead”, the heart, 2 Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Lungs and Intestines can be harvested.
Natural deaths allow the Eyes & Tissues, etc to be harvested.

A Single death can save upto 8 lives and help 50 other patients to become healthy again.

After Death Donations are currently directed to the Human tissue Bank


Click here to visit the human tissue bank