Live Donations

Those who donate lead a normal life. There are no side effects. However if you have any concerns regarding your health AFTER donation, it could be ascertained from past live Donors. It is vital that your family supports your donation.

Please ensure that you get their blessings to avoid potential problems to both you and the patients.

Kidney Transplant Support Foundation
Organ Donation Registration Form

(Under the Transplantation of Human Tissues Act No. 48 of 1987)

Download the complete
donation form after filling the above

As a LIVE Donor, please fill ALL the details, and ensure that the 2 witnesses required are those of your immediate family. Completed forms should be posted to the address given.

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Cash donations

Help sustain the KTSF. Contribute generously.

The KTSF is currently sustained with personal funds from the Founder. Due to the increased difficulties in doing so, we appeal to well wishers to donate whatever amount, to help sustain this life saving endeavor.

Ajit F. Perera, Commercial Bank, Kollupitiya


After death donations

Even after death, your Organs matter

After an accident, if a patient placed on a hospital ventilator is declared “brain dead”, the heart, 2 Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Lungs and Intestines can be harvested. Natural deaths allow the Eyes & Tissues, etc to be harvested.

A Single death can save upto 8 lives and help 50 other patients to become healthy again.

After Death Donations are currently directed to the Human tissue Bank

click here to visit the human tissue bank